The Most Important Mistakes

Barrier contraceptives, hormonal pills, specialized creams — today there are a huge variety of methods of contraception, but many of us continue to make mistakes when using them.

Contraception is protection against unwanted pregnancy. There are many ways of protection: condoms, pills, injections with a dose of hormones, spirals, spermicidal lubricants and surgical intervention. At the same time, someone practices interrupted sexual intercourse, "fortune-telling" on the menstrual cycle and even on the phases of the moon. Everyone has their own choice, but in order for him to be more competent, it is worth studying in more detail the disadvantages and advantages of each of the methods and choosing what is right for you.


Let's start with the simplest and most affordable way — a condom. The most important mistake when choosing condoms is the choice of their company. Well-known mass-market brands are not always safe for health. Testing of condoms of the most famous brands showed that they contain zinc and isopropanol, which disrupt the acid-base balance of the mucous membranes. The use of condoms of these brands (as well as their lubricants) can cause itching, burning and thrush.

Another mistake when using condoms is the wrong size selection. It is very important that the condom fits the penis well, does not squeeze it and does not fly off. Pay attention to brands that have their own size grids based on the value of the circumference of the penis — such a condom will be ideal in size, will not reduce sensitivity during sexual intercourse and will make sex comfortable and safe.

Insufficient amount of lubricant during sex when using a condom is also a very common mistake. Without lubrication, the tension of the condom increases, as a result of which it simply breaks. How to solve this problem? Increase the time of foreplay and use a water—based lubricant - this will help maintain the necessary glide and preserve the integrity of the condom.

Spermicidal lubricants

Spermicidal lubricants or creams also have a number of features. They are often used as ordinary lubricants and hope that they will work immediately, but they will last for a long time. I hasten to disappoint — the effect of such funds begins in about 10-15 minutes from the moment of application and lasts about an hour. In addition, these funds do not work at 100%, which can lead to unwanted pregnancy.

Hormonal pills

Birth control pills are hormonal agents that suppress ovulation. And the most important mistake when using this method of contraception is self—selection. Remember that birth control pills can only be prescribed by a gynecologist on the basis of an examination. Incorrectly selected oral contraceptives can reduce libido, affect weight and disrupt the hormonal background.

Interrupted sexual intercourse and calendar method of contraception

What are they bad for? The fact that these methods are not contraception in principle and definitely do not guarantee protection from unwanted pregnancy, and, in addition, indirectly affect the quality of sex, because when during sexual intercourse we concentrate on something else (for example, on thoughts about when it needs to be interrupted in order to don't miss the moment), we can't relax and focus on the main thing — pleasure and orgasm.

Use proven and safe methods of contraception — sex should not only be bright, but also properly protected.