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Write us your feedback, questions or suggestions. Also for your convenience, we have selected frequently asked questions.

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We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy and successful. Write us your feedback, questions or suggestions. Also for your convenience, we have selected frequently asked questions. For direct communication e-mail: [email protected]


What guarantees do you give?

Warranty obligations are included in the Pharmacy service. We fulfill all the volumes of guarantees, adhering to the Swiss rules and the quality of customer service. All parcels are sent insured, in case of loss we will refund all funds in full, including the cost of delivery, or at the discretion of the customer we will resend the order. Without financial encumbrance of the customer.

How long do you send the order after payment?

Shipping - the next day after payment. Today you pay for the order, tomorrow we ship the order.

Do I need a prescription?

When ordering medications, a prescription is not needed, but it is advisable that you consult with your doctor about taking the drug.

Can I pay with a MasterCard with a foreign currency account?

Payment is possible with a Visa or Master Card and not only issued by any bank.

Expiration date on the package?

The expiration date of the drug is indicated both on the package and on the drug itself - on a blister, bottle or ampoule.

Where can I see the tracking number?

You can track the delivery by the track number that you receive when you send your order. You can check where the order is by entering the track number on the deliverer's website.

Can I place an order for Bulgaria?

Yes, the order can be shipped to any country.

Are there certificates for the product?

We cooperate with more than 270 licensed distributors, direct contracts have been signed with more than 100 major official manufacturers. All products are certified, storage and transportation conditions are strictly observed, including for thermolabile preparations (requiring storage in the refrigerator).

How to order a product that is not available on the website?

If the product is not available on the website, it is not possible to order. Unfortunately, the website does not work with pre-orders.

Why do I need to register?

After registration, you will be able to track your orders in your personal account and add medications that you often order to your favorite products. By adding an item to your favorites, you will receive a notification if the price for it drops by more than 10%.

What is the deadline for completing the order?

The average order readiness time is 30 minutes (depends on the workload and operating mode of the pharmacy). That the order is ready and it can be picked up, you will receive an SMS and an e-mail that you specified when placing the order.

How does the support service work?

We simplify the purchase of health products for those who care about it. Ordering and chat with a pharmacist work around the clock – consultation on the order or questions of dosage and administration of drugs can be obtained at any time.

How to contact you?

e-mail: [email protected]