Thermodynamics and pregnancy

I think most readers don’t understand this title, but I’ll confuse you even more.

Man is a miracle. He lives in defiance of the laws of thermodynamics. The most striking refutation of the law of entropy is that conception happens no matter what. The fact is that according to the second law of thermodynamics, all processes move towards their simplification. Simply from nothing something meaningful, coherent and more complex can not come out of nothing. Without outside intervention, the measure of disorder is constantly increasing.

The wind in the desert, chasing rusty pieces of metal back and forth over the dry, cracked ground, cannot assemble a brand-new Mercedes from a set of spare parts. But if this Mercedes is left in the desert without care, its destruction will soon begin.

So, life itself is aimed at destruction. But living organisms, contrary to scientific conclusions, exist by making their own systems more complex. There is still no model of photosynthesis, the simplest reaction that occurs in the green leaves of plants, which creates oxygen (the source of life) from carbon dioxide (the product of decomposition).

In a cell, as in a tiny factory, one protein molecule at all levels of its quaternary organization is synthesized in a few seconds. And in order to reproduce the biosynthesis of one protein molecule in laboratory conditions, it took exactly one year and equipment the size of a real factory.

One molecule of glucose produces 36 molecules of ATP, the universal energy fuel for all body cells. Every chemical reaction is described. All the conditions – catalysts or special electron donors – have long been known, and they are all in the right place and the right time at the cellular level. But individually each reaction is understood, but collectively, it is not. And although Ilya Prigozhin, a Belgian physicist of Russian origin, tried to explain this in his description of thermodynamics for open systems, it is still unclear how something happens in a person from nothing.

In experimental conditions, after long and unsuccessful attempts, Dolly the sheep was grown in a test tube, which did not live long. Life barely kept her frail and sickly body alive, and she died without shedding any light on the possibility of artificially copying conception.

What are we talking about? Oh, yes, conception. So many factors against the sperm reaching the egg, but it happens! Contrary to the laws of thermodynamics. Once again, it’s a miracle.

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